Reasons for Starting a Vegetable Garden


The Top Ten Reasons for Growing Your Own Vegetables Are:

1. Good Exercise!

I can't promise you that by growing your own vegetables you'll end up looking like Angelina Jolie or Jessica Simpson. I can promise you that by growing your own vegetables you'll get plenty of good exercise and sunshine so that you will end up looking like the best YOU possible.

2. Good Health!

Growing and eating your own vegetables is a healthy alternative to purchasing store-bought fresh vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides and handled by who knows who, or canned and frozen veggies that have had all the vitamins and minerals sapped out of them.

3. Cheaper!

By growing your own vegetables you will save money on your weekly food shopping budget, especially if you are savvy enough to start your vegetables from seeds. After you've harvested your crop, you can save even more money by checking out my free recipes right here at, Fresh Cooking from your Garden.

4. Organic Vegetables!

Organic vegetables are by far the healthiest to eat. Growing your own is the safest way to know for sure that there was nothing unhealthy used in the growing process. If you do decide to use some pesticides, and not be totally organic, you have full control over how much, which type, and when to use them.

5. Yard Appeal!

A well-kept vegetable garden is just as attractive as a bed of flowers. You can even mix some flowers into your vegetable garden to make it all the more beautiful. A beautiful garden can add value to your home and make your yard a favorite place for you and your family to spend time.

6. Mental Stress Buster!

Tending a garden goes a long way to help relieve stress. Pulling weeds does a lot more for you than just housekeeping for your garden. Pulling weeds is an excellent way to rid your body of excess stress and tension. Watering your garden is another relaxing pass time that not only helps your garden grow but also soothes the soul.

7. Exotic!

Where can you find purple green beans and white eggplant? How about round zucchini and Heirloom tomatoes? Blue Corn? White Pumpkins? By growing your own, you can plant many different and exotic vegetables that you won't find at the local Home Depot or Lowe's gardening center. It's amazing how many different types of vegetables there are that many people have never heard of or seen. Search through some seed catalogs and see what you can find. (Hint: The kiddies will love this as much as you do!)

8. Family Togetherness!

Instead of sitting around the boob tube watching the simpsons, get the whole family outside in the garden once a week. Not only will they learn how to grow tomatoes, but you will learn what's going on in their lives simply by spending some good quality time together.

9. Vegetables On Demand!

Surprise company for dinner? Not a problem, when you've got your own garden growing just outside your back door. Salads are easy when you're in a rush. A quick change in the dinner schedule, not to worry when you've got plenty of options growing at your fingertips. Forgot to pull something out of the freezer? Pull some veggies from the garden and toss them on the grill. Dinner is served!

10. Fun!

Gardening is a lot of fun when you don't look at it as another tedious chore. I love watching my plants grow and mature. For me the best part is watching the babies arrive and develop into full-grown vegetables that are free for the picking. And when you're done, you get to eat them. Can you think of anything more fun than eating? Okay. So maybe you can think of other things more fun but I bet eating runs a close second!


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