Indian Goodness..

I have been skeptical about the food being sold in local grocery stores for a long time. After doing my research, and reading the back of the labels on some foods, I noticed this was not doing good to my body and I needed to make a change. So I have been eating Organically for 2 years now, and I'm feeling fantastic. I buy most of my food from my local indian food store, and I'm loving it! The food is fresh, 100% real and it's healthy. I read the back of the labels, and there's no Artificial Food coloring, Artificial flavors, or MSG, just all natural delicious food. So I made my daily stop at the indian store today and picked up some Ghobi Paratha. It's kinda like a tortilla but made with whole wheat flour, and it's filled with spices and Cauliflower. Yummmm..


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