Top 5 Eco-Friendly Clothing Lines That Won’t Break the Bank


Eco-friendlier clothing options that don’t break the bank do exist. Check out these top five below, and make sure to let us know about other affordable eco-friendly clothing options by leaving comments below.

1) American Apparel - Made in the US and sweatshop free. Plus, we all know it’s a great place to find inexpensive basics like leggings, t shirts, hoodies, etc. Currently, their cotton clothes are made from 20% organic materials, and they’re hoping to bump that up to 80% in the near future. They also recycle over a million pounds of scrap fabric per year and have solar panels on the roof of their LA headquarters.

2) Levi Strauss - They’re leading the jean pack in greening up denim clothing. They use organic cotton, recycled zippers and buttons, and use natural indigo dye. A pair of new Levi’s will run you no more than $70, and you know you’ll wear them forever!

3) Jonano - Offers designer women’s fashions made from certified organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp fabrics. Very cute stuff! Their clothing is also made using Fair Labor practices, which is an added bonus. They use natural dyes with a low environmental impact, as well as recycled packaging and shipping materials. Prices range from around $30-$115.

4) Rawganique - Their clothing is made from hemp and organic cotton, and they offer a large selection for women and men both. Additionally, they’ve got a huge accessories selection, so if you’re in the market for organic sheets, towels, socks, footwear, bags, and even jewelry, definitely check them out. Cotton/hemp tops are around $30-50 and dresses are $60-80.

5) REI - Great outdoor clothing line that can function as everyday wear as well. They’re pioneers in producing outdoor gear made from low-impact, organic, and recyclable materials. They’ve also implemented an eco-sensitive labeling system indicated what greener materials were used.


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