Benefits of Turmeric, A Magical Powder.

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To Traditional Ayurvedics, Turmeric is seen as an excellent natural antibiotic, while at the same time it strengthens digestion and helps improve intestinal flora. As such it is a good anti-bacterial for those chronically weak or ill. It's not only purifies the blood, but also warms it and stimulates formation of new blood tissue.

Turmeric gives the energy of the divine mother and grants prosperity. It is effective for cleansing the chakras (nadi-shodhana), purifying thechannels of the subtle body. It helps stretch the ligaments and is, therefore, good for the practice of hatha yoga. Turmeric promotes proper metabolism in the body, correcting both excesses and deficiencies. It aids in the digestion of protein.

Externally, it can be used with honey for sprains, strains, bruise or itch. It is tonic to the skin, for which purpose it can be taken internally as a milk decoction. Turmeric is aromatic and a stimulant and has many helpful functions. It is bitter, slightly pungent and a good blood purifier, and works as a tonic to aid digestion and relieve congestion. It has a soothing action on respiratory ailments such as cough and asthma. It also is antiarthritic and acts as a natural anti-bacterial. Turmeric may be added to high-protein food to assist digestion and prevent the formation of gas. It is effectively used to maintain the flora of the large intestine.

I personally have been using alot of Curry and Turmeric in my food. It tastes and smells great, and I even apply some turmeric powder paste on my face before bedtime, and it clears my acne, since it fights bacteria. Evidently, turmeric has great powers to even out skin tone and aid a healthy looking complexion.


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